Swiss Alps are strategically located in the middle of Europe making it easily accessible from different countries in a variety of ways. Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Liechtenstein join borders with Switzerland. You can arrive by plane, car and train from these and other international locations.

If you arrive by plane, there are three international airports that you can fly in: Zurich, Geneva and Basel. From Zurich and Geneva airports you can take a train (the services is frequent-a train leaves every 15 minutes) and efficient) downtown or to other cities and towns. To downtown, it is a short ride of about 10 minutes. From Basel airport, you can take a bus downtown; it is a 20 minute ride.

Several European trains service Switzerland. Train arrive from France, Spain, Germany, Hungary,Scandinavia, Austria and Benelux. Some of the trains that will take you to the country are: Deutsche Bahn from Germany, TGV from France, CityNightline, Elipsos from Spain and Cisalpino from Italy. You can make reservation online for trips on these rail services, be aware that information is mainly given in the language of the country that the  , so that can be a problem although the sites are designed following established patterns (including timetables, departing and arriving locations, time) that will reduce the stress of booking and buying correctly.  Tourists have been warned about rising baggage thefts on Swiss trains.  Travellers to/from Geneva and Zurich airports are apparently most at risk - make sure you watch all your belongings all the time.