Online, your first stop to plan your visit to the Swiss Alps is The Swiss National Tourist Office website at You will find travel information, travel tips, all that you need to know about lodging options, restaurants, weather, an overview of the regions that constitute the Swiss Alps.

The website follows a magazine format and the first page presents to the traveler news and events, the season's activities, a search machine to look for accommodation, transportation guidance, downloads of city guides to podcasts, travel journals and it features different activities and experiences in the Swiss Alps such as  tours, hotels or towns.

From the website you can contact a call center near your location that will answer all your questions regarding your trip. You can also call an international toll free number: 011800-100-200-30 and in United States at 1-877 794-8037. The Tourism Office has an office in United States at the Swiss Center in New York located at 608 Fifth Avenue.

Operated by Myswitzerland, gives the traveler more detailed information about winter sports.