The Swiss Alps boasts a multilingual population that recognizes four official languages: German, Italian, French and Romanche.

German is the language most broadly spoken (spoken in 17 cantons), followed by French that is spoken in the West. Four cantons are french and three are bilingual French and German (Berna, Friburgo and Valais). Italian is spoken in Tesino and in some of the valleys near the Italian border. Finally, the Romanche is spoken at the canton of Grison along with German, Italian and French. The Romanche itself has its own varieties suchas Sursilvan, Surmiran and Puter, among others included the Rumantsch Grischun that blends characteristics of all.

Each canton decides what language is the official and will be taught at school and kids learn at a very young age at least two of the official languages. Many Swiss understand all the languages spoken in their territory but mostly manage and speak at least two of them.

Lately it has been discussed to make English a second language. The canton of Zurich brought the issue forward with the idea that English is a far more practical language than French due to the exigences of economy and international relations of today. It is still being debated.