October 11, 1981 the last train passed the part over the Furka pass which gave the Glacier Express the name as at that time the rhone glacier came close to the Gletsch railway station. Here is a summery of the history of this wunderfull train track:

- July 21, 1907: The Swiss Confederation gave the OK to build a railway track from Brig to Gletsch

- June 30, 1914: First train run with steam locomotives from Brig to Gletsch

- September 25, 1915: Tunnel Muttbach - Furka was cut through

- July 3, 1926: Opening of the railtrack between Brig - Andermatt - Disentis (steam locomotives)

- September 1, 1942: The tracks got fully electrified

- 1947: Four steam locomotives got sold to Vietnam

- June 9, 1968: Last official steam traction from Brig to Disentis

- October 11, 1981: Last train of Furka-Oberalp railway passed the Furka section of the old Glacier Express line.

- December 3, 1983: Foundation of the union "Furka Bergstrecke" (mountain track Furka)

Start of the rebuilding of the tracks and railway installations by volonteers from all over Europe. Firtst step Realp - Tiefenbach

- March 22, 1990: The Swiss Confederation gave the OK to run trains on the Furka railway

- November 1990: The Vietnam locomotives came back to Switzerland

- July 11, 1992: First trains run after a timetable from Realp to Tiefenbach

- July 30, 1993: Trains run from Realp to Furka (before the Furka tunnel)

- July 24, 2000: Trains run now to Gletsch (where the Furka and the Grimsel pass roads reach each other

- August 12, 2010: Reopening of the last part of the track from Gletsch to Oberwald. The Furka railway again in work for tourists.

The attractions of this railway line are the track with the many bridges and tunnels,  the historic steam locomotives and of course the scenery.

Up from August 2010 it will be possible to do the historic Glacier Express line over the Furka pass. Many technical problems had to be resolved. The weather in the high Alps can be very rough, especialy during the winter months, when the steam trains can't run. During the old times some bridges where destroyed by avalanges. That's why there were new tipes of bridges installed which can be token away during the winter months.

While the actual Glacier Expres since October 1981 runs through the long Furka tunnel, the steam locomotives can travel over the pass.