Travelers will find that visits to San Gimignano may be made at any time throughout the year because of the relatively moderate temperature of the area.  (See for more information about the area’s weather.)  As a result, travelers may consider planning their vacation to coincide with one of the area’s annual events.  Choices for such travelers include:

  • A film festival takes place in the summer of each year and is enjoyed by fans of film and filmmakers alike.
  • Ferie Delle Messi takes places the third weekend of each June and is frequently enjoyed by travelers with children who are out of school for the summer.  This period costume festival includes knights in glittering armor and jousting tournaments in the streets of San Gimignano, creating delightful entertainment for all ages.
  • International Festival of San Gimignano is a summer-long series of theater and performing arts events taking place each year.
  • The last day of each January marks the celebration of the patron saint for which the city is named.  Celebrations include a street fair and parade.  March 12th marks a second patron saint holiday for the area which is celebrated in similar fashion.
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