Travelers often find that July and August are the best months during which to head to San Gimignano.  This is because the temperatures, though the warmest at this time in comparison with other months throughout the year, are not unbearably hot, and the chance of rain showers is low.  The average high temperature during these months is in the mid-eighties and the average low temperature is ten to fifteen degrees cooler than that.  These two months generally see less than four inches of rainfall each, with July having about half the rainfall of August.

The major rainy season in the area starts in September, when the average rainfall is eleven inches.  As with any other part of the world, even normal weather patterns can vary substantially from the norm because Sept. 2006 was very dry with temperatures up to 90 some days.  The rain increases slightly over the following months, continuing to stay above a ten inch monthly level until the end of the year.  The first few months of the year are generally dry and then there are spring rains which come before the break again in July.  Winter temperatures are somewhat chilly but not especially cold, with fifty degrees being an average winter high and lows being approximately ten degrees colder.  The early months of the year are another excellent time to visit the area because of the relatively warm winters in comparison with many other parts of the world combined with the relative dryness of that time period.

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