San Gimignano is a city which is rich with history and that history is specifically explored through the important structures of the city.  (More about the history of the area can be learned at .)  There are numerous historical sites to see in San Gimignano and each of them is housed within the walls of an architecturally interesting building.  For this reason, any place visited will be a place which reflects an aspect of the historic architecture of the area.  However, there are certainly some top choices to make sure to see if you are a fan of architecture.

Santa Maria Assunta which is an eleventh century church added on to in the twelfth century is one of the best places for visitors to see interesting San Gimignano history.  Its architecture is constructed primarily in a style known as Tuscan Romaneque, a style which is relatively rarely exhibited in buildings still standing today.  Even visitors who are not familiar with architectural history will enjoy this building, as there are numerous frescoes inside which are immediately eye catching.  This church is alternatively colled Il Duomo ( ).

The People’s Palace ( ) shows off another time period in the history of the area’s architecture, with different parts constructed and reconstructed during different times.   The majority of the building was constructed in the thirteenth century.   Originally an ancient castle, this building now holds the government offices of San Gimignano.