The gorgeous weather in Tuscany encourages outdoor shopping in open air markets called mercatos. The most accessible mercatos for tourists are adjacent to the Leaning Tower. This area is called Piazza dei Miracoli. It translates into English as "Field of Miracles" in light of the green lawns that surround the Cathedral. However, travelers should remember this alternative translation: souvenir central.

The leaning tower can be found as a keychain, pocket-sized or a sculpture scaled to fit in a foyer. These stalls, or booths mostly offer cheap keepsakes and tourist thrills. As travelers walk farther from the Piazza dei Miracoli, the consumer goods become more interesting.

Piazza dei Cavalieri and Ponti di Mezzo host open markets every second weekend of the month. Their primary market is for high demand Tuscany antiques. A Da Vinci sketch could possibly be lying beneath an onlooker's nose. However, exercise caution and an eye of scrutiny when the price seems too good to be true.

While there are no shopping malls, several arcades offer locally branded clothing and fashion accessories. Via Buonarroti and Via San Martino are two well known rows of thrift stores, bargain shops, and fashion houses. The Borgo Stretto, on the other hand, contains a greater variety of materials. Clothing, jewelry, comestibles, and artisan crafts are available along this arcade. Musicians and collectors should consider visiting one of the stringed instrument shops which build violins, violas, and cellos.