Pisa is well known for its association with the music of the Italian Renaissance and opera composers, Puccini and Verdi. Puccini who was influenced by Verdi often hosted early concerts in Pisa. Today, Andrea Bocelli is an opera icon familiar to most fans across the world. He received a law degree at the University of Pisa before he pursued a singing career.

Verdi Theater
is the main, large-scale music and dance venue in Pisa. It contains more than 900 seats and has a resonate, ornate rotunda. Watch a classic opera such as Cossi Fan Tutte expertly performed by local apprentices and budding conservatory singers.

The dance performances are also quite impressive. Recent offerings include Nijinksi's signature work, L'Apres Midi D'Un Faun , Romeo and Juliet by the National Theatrical Ballet Company, and the futuristic, biomorphic choreography of Raphael Bianco.

Aside from the Verdi Theater, the piazzas and Marina di Pisa regularly showcase local musicians. Do not be surprised to hear jazz music near the campo or on any of the side streets. Live jazz is also a common phenomenon in many bars, restaurants, and clubs around the town center and university area.