A great, peaceful place to take kids (or adults) of any age. It combines several of Pisa's best features: the greenery of cloisters (most people never get a good look at the walled gardens of palazzos and monasteries), the young energy of the university, and the old-ness of the whole place.

There's a tiny bamboo forest in which to play hide-and-seek; there's a nice display (cleverly placed right at the gate) of sensitive plants and  Venus fly-traps; there's a well-marked herb garden; there are some fascinating centuries-old trees...and lots and lots of nice plant stuff you'd expect in a botanical garden.

 And it's manageable - you can drop by and do it all in an hour if you have to (it's about 10 minutes from the Tower). Or you can hang out in the classy calmness for as long as you like.

The official name in Italian is Orto botanico di Pisa. The address of the entrance is via Luca Ghini 5, a side street off of via Santa Maria.