The information about Lucca available online is neither detailed nor abundant.  There is however plenty of information about Tuscany available on the internet, much of which is general and can be related to Lucca.  These sites should be explored by those planning a trip to the area. 

            A great place to begin doing some research is on the Tourism in Tuscany Website .  This site provides useful information for first time travelers to the area.  On the “Geographic Route” link at the bottom of the page, one can find a general, but informative overview of the territory near Lucca.  Perhaps the most useful tool on this site is the “Help Information” tab on the left side of the home page, which provides loads of contact information for services in Lucca. 

            A great place to find informative weather information about Lucca is on the CNN Website .  This site provides real-time as well as a five day forecast. 

            Useful tools for getting familiar with the area are maps.  Two great options are the Map of Tuscany and the Map of Lucca.

            There are no foreign embassies in Lucca, but a complete list of those found within Italy can be seen at Embassies List.