Livorno is built on the harbor and it is a very active port. It features a large fishing fleet and an abundance of commercial activity. The sea has been tapped for the canals that reach inland and penetrate much of the city, that is why, one of the most particular and old part of the city is called "Venice".

Historically speaking, Livorno it is said to be a cosmopolitan and free town, thanks to the LIvornine laws which gave shelter to people from all over the world if persecuted by ethnical, political or religiuos issues.

Many cult places still remind us of the old days: The Sinagogue, The Greeek Church, The English cementery, the Anglican Church and finally the Dutch garden. The Montenero Sanctuary, impressive and fascinating Church devoted to Virgin Mary.

However, the part of the city I like best is the historical promenade on the seaside, surrounded by gardens and new bars, where people spend almost all the sunny days from March on!