PUGI - If you are looking for a great pick me up after viewing David in the Accademia, just walk 1/2 block to the Piazza San Marco (also a major bus stop) and look around carefully for the tiny PUGI -- there is maybe a line of people waiting to buy a slice of great pizza.  Pugi is right next to a Pasticceria.

Blue River restaurant is a small coffee bar/restaurant on the Uffizi side of the river between the Uffizi and the Bibliotecha. The address is Lungarno Delle Grazie 12.  For 7.50 Euros, they serve a drink, a salad, and a main course.  The same man takes your order, makes your coffee, prepares your meal, and brings it to you. The bar faces onto the street/river and a dining room is in back. Both are clean and well kept, as is the tiny bathroom. 

GROM - Known for its Gelato, 1/2 block from the Duomo heading to the Arno on a tiny side street.  The serve chocolate, dark chocolate and very dark chocolate.

KOCCO - Corner of Via Farini and Via de Pilastri--across from the Jewish Synagogue and Hotel Arizona.  Great for lunch and dinner.  Buddhist decor but they do have pasta.  Tel. 055 234 4020 for reservations.

IL GIOVA - Via Borgo La Croce, 73.  Tel 055 248 0639.  Great Mom and Pop tiny restaurant.  Pop is the chef.  Mom serves and collects the money.   Place is tiny so call in advance for dinner reservations.  Also must have chocolate cake for dessert.

IL PIZZAIUOLO - across the street from Cibreo.  Neopolitan Pizza-thick crust.  Via De Macci, 113.  Very popular.  Must make a reservation.  055/241171.

LE CAMPANE - pizza for the family.  Pick it up and take it back to your hotel.  Borgo La Croce 85/87.  55-23-41-101.  Wonderful margherita pizza. 

DA NOI - means "Our Place"--another deli/lunch spot run by Mom and Pop.  You can get pasta, salad, bread, and a bottle of water for 6 euros and the food is fresh and delicious.  Via Fiesolana 46.  Tel 05-242-917.

Trattoria Cibreo: the low-cost, no-reservations sibling of the city's best restaurant, Cibreo. It's around the corner from the main restaurant. Get there earlier than the Italians (8 or 8:30, whenever it opens) and you should be fine.  Along with delicious soups and entrees (they don't do pasta) they had delicious chocolate and cheesecake desserts. Cafe Cibreo, across the way, has light meals and desserts.

Osteria De'Benci, Via de'Benci 13r: They have a unusual pasta cooked in red wine and delicious rabbit.

Trattoria Marione: another good unpretentious place.

Vivoli, Via Isola delle Stinche: Great gelato but it's hard to find.

Cafe Rivoire, Pizza della Signoria (one of the city's main piazzas): best hot chocolate in the city, one of the world's top hot chocolate spots. Like all cafes in Italy, it costs less (a lot less in scenic places like this one) to stand at the bar rather than sit at a table.

Trattoria "La Mangiatoria", Piazza S. Felice, 8. ...looking "Palazzo Pitti" is at about 150 meters on the right. The serve excellent "Ravioli al ragu" and "Ravioli al gorgonzola". The Pizza is very good too. The prices are low if compared with the other restaurants in the city. You can eat the abovementioned meal at 4 - 4,5 Euro each.

Gelateria "La Carraia", Pizza N.Sauro 25....just at the cross of Ponte alla Carraia and Lungarno Solderini. They serve excellent ice-cream starting from 1 Euro. In the rest of the city it's tough to find an ice cream for less than 2 Euro.