Upon entering the side door at the Santa Maria del Carmine (€4.00), you find yourself visiting the Brancacci Chapel, started by Masolino da Panicale assisted by his younger associate Masaccio, and later finished by Filippino Lippi. Masolino departed for Hungary before the work was completed, and the commission was then given to Masaccio. He was one of the most revolutionary painters of his time, bringing a new emotional realism to figurative painting, and many will recognise his famous 'Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' which can be seen at the front of the chapel on the left. Masaccio was called to Rome before completing the frescoes and sadly he died there aged just 27. It was not until 60 years later that the frescoes were finally completed by Filippino Lippi.

This place is so special that it is often referred to as 'the Sistine Chapel of the early Renaissance'. This should be no surprise as none other than Michelangelo himself came to study and learn at the Brancacci Chapel, long before his work on the famous Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

Many visit the Santa Maria del Carmine church and fall in love with the Brancacci Chapel. It is one of those places that inspires, if you understand the significance of what you are seeing before you eyes.  For those that appreciate art, this is one of those very special places, with a 'where it all started' feel to it, akin to a holy place for Renaissance art. 

You really shouldn't miss a chance to see the Brancacci Chapels on these grounds. Remember, Michelangelo thought it was good enough to come here to study, learn and to hone his own craft. That pretty much says it all!

This place is remarkable, when you see, you'll understand!  Memories (and photos which are allowed!) will be remembered long after you leave Florence.Take a guide book to really understand the stories told in the frescoes, which portray events in the life of St Peter. 

In addition to visiting this church and the Brancacci Chapel, you can also see the church and piazza of Santo Spirito, less than 5 minutes walk in the direction of the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens, which are also very good attractions on the Oltrarno side of the city. Combined, these attractions offer visitors a very interesting and enjoyable way to spend 1/2 or even a full day on the Oltrarno side of Florence.