Piazza della Signoria is one of the  most important centres of attractions in Florence, along with the Piazza del Duomo. Many visitors come to love this particular square and the cluster of excellent attractions found here, finding ourselves wandering back to Piazza della Signoria mulitple times during their trips to Florence.

Piazza della Signoria might just host the finest collection of outdoor statues in the world; featuring statues of Cosimo 1 dei Medici in the centre of the square, the famous copy of Michelangelo's David, Hercules and Cacus and the gorgeous Fountain of Neptune, each resting along the Plazzo Vecchio building.

If this weren’t enough, less than a stone’s throw away is the very impressive Loggia dei Lanzi, an outdoor museum of sorts, you will find another collection of outstanding statues, including the famous Rape of Sabine Women, Ercole and Centaur, Perseus, amongst others.

The area is simply a treasure trove of classic statues, mostly from the 16th century but it is also the central area for some of Florence’s most important attractions. These include the Uffizi Museum, which vies for honours as one of the very finest art museums in the world, as well as the previously mentioned Palazzo Vecchio.

Nearby, the important Bergello Museum can also be found as well as the excellent Museo di Storia della Scienza (Galileo Science History Museum), where you are also afforded your views of the Arno River and the iconic Ponte Vecchio (bridge), making this a real hot spot for some of Florence’s best attractions.

Many come to love Piazza dell Signoria, not just for the many very good to world class museums on or near this square but for the trove of classic statues and beautifully decorated buildings surrounding this square as well. This location is remarkable!