There are two important squares to see in Florence, Piazza dell Signoria and Piazza dell Duomo. Which is best is difficult to say. Piazza dell Duomo is where you find the stunningly beautiful Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) and its accompanying Companile and Baptistry buildings, which collectively offer a visual feast, difficult to match.

What is easy to love about Piazza dell Duomo is the façade of the Duomo and the matching Companile, both being elaborately decorated and ornate on the outside. The Duomo itself offers a nice interior visit but it is the outside of this church that inspires lasting memories of Florence.  The Duomo façade has no true rival and its bronze coloured dome makes it one of the most recognizable churches in the world.

Also, the smaller Baptistry and the lovely door, paneled by twelve golden plated scenes from the bible, is a perfect compliment to this square. The panels, replicas of those panelled by Lorenzo Ghiberti, are also well worth spending time to admire, even if they are not the originals, which are housed in the Duomo Museum, on the same square.

You can also walk up 400+ steps in the Campanile affords fantastic views of the Duomo dome and surrounding buildings. Or you can just admire this building as well from the outside, its spectacularly designed and decorated.

Overall, its difficult to say if the Piazza dell Duomo is better than Piazza della Signoria but its certainly a must see place in Florence because of the attractions and outstandingly beautiful facades found here.

This is why you come to Florence!