One suggestion after visiting Florence is to take a day tour through the Chianti wine zone, which is a beautiful place that you will surely enjoy. There are many companies that you can use such as:

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  • Chianti has always been by definition the wine of Tuscany, making this part of Italy famous throughout the world. Still today, despite the many differences of style deriving from the varied areas of production, it continues to maintain the prestige of Italian wine on the international market. The first territorial demarcation regarding Chianti dates back to 1932, while the Denominazione di Origine controllata (appellation controle) was introduced in 1967 and in 1984 the Denominazione di origine Controllata e Garantita (appellation controle et garantie) was recognized. The name Chianti is completed by Superiore category and the geographical denominations such as "Colli Aretini",  "Colli Fiorentini", "Colli Senesi", "Colline Pisane", "Montalbano", "Rufina", and "Montespertoli". The definition "Classico" is limited to wines from the order original areas of production, autonomously controlled by the specific discipline inherent in the "Chianti Classico" denomination of 1996. Greve in Chianti , the market town of the Chianti Classico wine zone, is worth a visit in its own right and has many wine outlets for those who cannot visit individual fattorie.  Another charming town in Chianti, with gentler landscape, is Castelnuovo Berardenga  :  lesser known, probably because farther from Florence and, perhaps, because of the more complicated name, it produces some excellent wines and offers castles and villas for idyllic stays in a varied pastoral setting.