There are 13 Slow food restaurants in Florence, included in Osterie D'Italia 2011, all of which follow the principles of the Slow food movement: using local produce and products, without the use of pesticides, GMO free, preserving traditional methods, and above all focusing on the quality of the ingredients.

But if they are so good why haven't you found them?

1. They aren't located in the centre of tourist zones.

2. Used more by Florentine locals- and locals tend not to write as many TA reviews as tourists.

3. Reviews that are written are often done in Italian. Have you been searching in Italian?

4. Italians tend to be harsher critics of their own food. They know how the dish should taste.

5. They don't chase the tourist dollar...really good restaurants will have enough of a local customer base. 

Not all are in the centre of Florence,but these are the restaurants that you will find are worth making a special trip. 

Of course, there are many more slow food restaurants in Tuscany than there are in Florence but they are often found in the remote villages and not easy to reach without a car. One way to visit would be to take a day trip such as the Slow day in Tuscany which includes a slow food restaurant in its itinery. If you want to know all the Slow food restaurants in Italy the book to get is Osterie d'Italia.