Use licensed tour guides and drivers for Tuscany and Florence Tours

Thinking about booking a lovely day out in the famous Tuscan countryside? Have you read great reviews?

Some travelers to Florence and Tuscany are taking unlicensed tours.  Tourists visiting Tuscany might want to check that their tour is insured. Travelers booking tours with unlicensed operators might find that the tours they have booked do not have insurance because the company is not authorized, although anyone driving a vehicle in Italy has to be insured.

When booking a tour, for your own protection, always ask:

  • Is the company licensed to sell tours?
  • Is the company licensed to transport the public on tours?
  • Has the company insurance to sell tour packages and transport the public on tours?
  • Is the license and insurance policy details displayed? If not ask why.

Officially, any tour ‘package’ involving, transport, food and/or wine and or biking and or guiding can only be offered legally by licensed tour operators or licensed travel agents. However, the relevant laws are only sporadically applied.

In some areas, the local police have recently (2010) tightened up their checks. This seems to be the case in Florence but not in Livorno, for example.

Many travelers to Tuscany have provided excellent reviews for tours that might not be licensed and these tours are undoubtedly good and have been offered for many years. It's up to you to decide whether to take them or not.

This is a link to an article about a couple of fines tnat were handed out last year to tour operators operating out of Florence in Tuscany. It is in Italian.