Florence lives off tourism and this being the case there are very few places where you can go in for free. Start getting used to the idea that you will have to pay for pretty much everything.

It is a good idea before you go to make a list of all the museums, churches and galleries you want to visit and check the prices of tickets on their Internet page (and do the math…). In many cases the prices on the web will not be accurate and you will realize at the ticket office that prices have magically gone up.

 For example in the Uffizi Gallery page (http://www.uffizi.com/timetable-servi...) it says that the ticket is 6.50 euros and the reservation is 3.50 euros, but if you had gone to the ticket office in September 08 you would have seen that the price of the ticket was 10 euros and the reservation was 4 euros.  Same for the Accademia, the ticket price was 10 euros and the reservation 4.

 So if you are on a budget, check ticket prices first and leave some margin for any (or many) last minute surprises.

But if you wish to visit the Baptistery and/or the Museum (previously known as the Opera dell' Duomo) you must buy a 10 euro combined ticket for those and also the Cathedral  Dome, the Campanile and the Crypt of Santa Reparata,  even if you are unable or unwilling to climb those heights.  Moreover this ticket is only valid for 24 hours from the first visit, which seems quite unreasonable if one has no desire to rush around the sights. Worse is to follow - having bought tickets and visited the Baptistery, one finds that most of the Museum is closed for 'Restauro' , probably until 2015.  So the art lover is denied seeing such wonders as the Donatello carvings and sculptures which are the greatest treasures of Florence.  There was no warning of these closures either in the ticket office or in the entrance to the Museum, and this does appear fraudulent.