Tuscany Travels Aboard: A Taste of Italy, Wherever You Find Yourself

Tuscany, located in central Italy, is known for its lively populace,historic art and architecture, and delightful food and wines. With arich artistic legacy; home to greats such as Michelangelo, da Vinci,and Vespucci, Tuscany is generally accepted as the cultural capital ofItaly if not the world at large. While a trip to Tuscanyis warranted to truly experience all a Tuscan cultural tour has tooffer global interest in Tuscany has made many of the joys of Tuscanyaccessible elsewhere.

Tuscan Art:
Tuscany has forever impacted the art world. Native sons da Vinci andMichelangelo have spawned admirers, students, and imitators throughoutthe centuries. The Italian Renaissance, which was birthed in Florence,signaled the opening phase of the Renaissance as a whole, which was aperiod of great cultural, artistic, and social achievement forEurope.  Those in search of Tuscan art abroad should go to premiermuseums such as MOMA in New York or the Art Institute of Chicago.

If you are an art lover, you should visit Florence absolutely! There are also a lot of tourist services organizing Florence private tours to discover the "more hidden corners" of the city such as


Tuscan Cooking:
Most recently, Georgio Armani opened his boutique hotel in the world'stallest building, the Burj Khalida, in Dubai. Amongst the offerings inthe 160-floor building is Ristorante, Armani's take on traditionalTuscan cuisine. Quality Tuscany cooking is also available stateside atrestaurants such as Nino's or Terraza Toscana, both in New York City.While Armani is sure to rise to the occasion, generally the trip to Tuscany must be made to experience true authentic Italian cooking. The master chefs and their secret recipes, the fresh-from-marketvegetables, the home-made cheeses, and the subtle undertones of Tuscanolive oil must all be experienced first hand in Tuscany. For first timetravelers to Tuscany let me caution you that Olive Garden will never bethe same again after enjoying the fruits of Tuscan cooking.

Tuscan Wine and olive oil:
Tuscany gives is some of the best and most revered red wines in theworld. From classic blends to Super Tuscans, which don't adhere totraditional rules, Tuscany dominates the wine landscape. The growth ofecommerce and the explosion of the upscale wine industry as a hobbyhave made Tuscan wines available throughout the world. However, oneexperience that must be taken in is enjoying a tall glass of Tuscanwine in the very vineyard in which it was grown.

For those wanting to experience the Tuscan culture and way of life there are many day trips out there eg  Slow day in Tuscany  which give a taste of the cuisine, wine and culture of Tuscany.