While the weather shouldn't discourage you from visiting this beautiful region of Italy year-round, if you want to save money, enjoy a comfortable climate and avoid a throng of tourists, the best times to visit Tuscany are in the spring and fall months.

The summer months are the hottest and usually that is when the most tourists flock to the area, thereby driving up prices and decreasing availability for accommodation. August is definitely the busiest month of the year - with temperatures high enough for beach-going and the fact that August is when most Europeans go on extended vacation, you'll find it hard to get affordable accommodations, if you can find any vacancies at all. Plus, a lot of businesses close because the locals have decided to take their own vacations. Winter is usually the least busy - it can get cold, but you can still enjoy a trip here during this time if you don't mind cold evenings and .

In the months between April and June, the weather is fantastic - it's not too hot, it's not too rainy and there won't be as many other travelers. Or if you'd like to wander around the towns and cities in the brisk fall with the colorful foliage, the autumn months will be ideal for your trip.The landscape is beautiful at this time, so that's an added bonus.