Palermo's nightlife has grown dramatically in recent years.

 Everything in Palermo is guaranteed, there are plenty of spaces for fun and entertainment.

 One of the centers is without a doubt the “Champagneria” located near the Teatro Massimo. The area is crowded with young people, among them many students and tourists. In the historical center try also the Kalsa area where it is possible to find several wine bars. Places central are:  "Candelai”; "Pub 88"; “Mescal Tapas” andKursal Kalhesa, a stunning place not easy to find, (little entrance door with small sign) but huge inside. In the area of Ballarò - Porta di Castro you may try the PaLab an interesting cultural center with a large wine bar.

If what you are interested in is a dinner, there are places where you can combine fine cuisine with great savings. There is for example the "Trattoria al Massimo (Via Bara all'Olivella) full menu 7.50 / 10euro. For the ethnic cuisine go to "Jaffna Restaurant" (Via Muzio A. Salvo 20, near Piazza Sturzo) which also offers take-away; try also the kitchen of Don Ciccio where a dinner is never more than 15 Euros.

Coffee Bars: In the historical centre there is a variety of places where is possible to spend an evening in peace and joy while sipping a drink or a coffee with friends enjoying music. Caffè d’Oriente and Caffè Turco are for example well known for the great variety of Arabic drinks while the Café Antico and Caffè del Cassaro are renowned for typical Sicilian drinks. Among others is to be mentioned the New Orleans Café and the very chic Berlin Café frequented by the trendy crowds of Palermo. If you are looking for a really good icecream and fresh blended milkshake visit Blend Bar in Acquasanta.

Pubs - In the last two decades there has been a great proliferation of all types of premises in which to spend an evening enjoying live music. The rich variety and distribution throughout the city allow tourists a wide choice between pubs, bistros and discotheques where to meet new people.

Kovacs Brewery features a menu of Hungarian specialties; check also Au Domino, historical pub in Via Principe di Belmonte and Agricantus, a multipurpose cultural center, which has three different areas: an auditorium a restaurant area and an exhibition space. Besides the wide range of music and theater performances, Agricantus is also a great place to drink a cocktail or a beer.

Check also: "B-Side" (by Admiral Gravina), the pub "La Cueva", while towards the end of Corso Calatafimi is the 'Eden Rocks. Another pub with live music is the "Birimbao" in Via dei Leoni 85 which is also a restaurant. The Bier Garten is one of the many historical pubs in Palermo with a style that resembles a techno-farm. Open from Thursday to Sunday, this popular nightclub and pub has two outdoor dance areas and one indoor. The place is young and informal, with excellent acoustics and music especially house and techno.

For nightclubs the northern section of Palermo is where some of the action is. Try the clubs along Viale Strasburgo or Via Generale Arimondi. In the center of the city there is the Candelai, on Via Candelai, which is popular with a younger crowd. However among the most popular nightclubs, the most important are undoubtedly in the ancient quarter dell' Arenella: Check the Kandinsky Florio, the Kursaal Kalesa, Anticlea Pub and Country Club. Try also Movida one of the major clubs in Palermo with a restaurant that can accommodate more than 3,000 people, three floors, six bars, two beautiful private room, big screens, DJs and special guests.The Rise Up is open daily and has a capacity of 700 people. The program provides an evening gay / lesbian on Fridays. Scalea Club has three bars and two Floors.

Concerts, performances and art shows can be held in really unusual locations. Palazzo Bonagia is a ruined palace in via Alloro with a stunning marble staircase used as a stage for unforgettable and charming shows. Spasimo church is a medieval church with no ceiling used as a concert venue (usually jazz concerts). Montevergini is an ancient church close to the cathedral where theater performances are held. There is also a trendy bar.

The theatrical tradition in Palermo has always been very rich and diverse, being the expression of the cultural contamination resulting from the domination of the Arabs, Normans, French and Spanish. Forms of street theater, which is the typical “vastasata”, are still reflected today in the Sicilian folk theater and cabaret, while still intact, resists faithful to its history, the Magic Puppet Theater.

Palermo theatrical landscape is rich and varied, both in summer and winter season. The programs of the Teatro Massimo and Teatro Politeama, the two major theaters of the Sicilian capital, stand out. The variety and the quality of theaters and cinemas are undoubtedly the strong points during the long winter season of shows which is exceptional. The beautiful summer season, called Palermo di Scena is also interesting with plenty of films, theatrical performances, photographic exhibitions and concerts, both pop and classical, all hosted in some of the most beautiful villas of Palermo, like Villa Trabia and Villa Lampedusa. The Teatro Massimo, recently restored to its former glory, is certainly the temple of opera and ballet.

Symphonic and chamber music concerts, supplemented by superb choral performances, are also available. Musical associations are very important in Palermo offering a great variety of performances all year around. The Friends of Music and the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana both feature beautiful symphonic and chamber concerts, while the Brass Group has specialized in jazz and popular music concerts. Musical institutions offer a high level concert season varied and of great appeal.

 The Teatro Biondo offers a rich season of great performances, running from October to June but also check the Crystal Theater and the Theater Don Orione which specialize in cabaret. In addition to the Puppet Theater, are certainly to mention the dialect and folk theaters like the Teatro Tenda Vito Zappala and the experimental and avant-garde theater and modern dance of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa site around the 'eponymous splendid castle and the Teatro Libero.

In the last few years cinema venues have been restored and with more than 20 cinemas the film choice offered in the capital can be defined as complete and satisfactory. For those who love to play and challenge friends in contests of skill, you have the option of choosing between two fine bowling alleys, bowling near La Favorita Stadium and Bowling & Games. Lovers of billiards, with their various specialties can choose from several rooms including one of the best known is certainly the Hall Mari.

 Places to visit:

 Abu Wanas - Piazza Olivella 18 - Tel 091 328891

 Bamboo - via Empedocle Restivo 106

 Blend Bar Gelateria - Via Comandante Simone Gulì 222 (Acquasanta) 

 Bloom Art - Viale Regione Siciliana 6469 - Tel 091 6889727

Berlin Cafè - Via Isidoro La Lumia 21 3339467039

 Birimbao - via Croce Rossa - Tel 091 6700550

 Casablanca Pub Mondello - Via Piano Gallo 32

 Sperilinga Cuba - via Scaduto 1 - Tel 091 309201

 Eden Rocks - via Filippo Paruta 29 - Tel 091 6687894

 El Caribe Pub - Via San Basilio 37 Tel 338 1510908

 El Cuba Libre - Via Lincoln 161

 Iron and Fire - via del Celso 69 Tel 347 3234833

 Time zone - square Bara all'Olivella 6 - Tel 091 320356

 Jazz Pub - via M. D'Azeglio 19

 Jeshua Pub - Via Cala 46 - Tel 091 323032

 Candelai - via dei Candelai 65 - Tel 091 327151

Vini d'Oro - Piazza was born, 9 / 11 - Tel 091 586274

 L'Aperitivo Pub - Via Giusti 54h

 The Cuba Sperling - villa Sperlinga Tel 091 309201

 Marlene - Piazza Vittorio Veneto - Tel 091 622953

 Nabucco Pub - Via Nunzio Morello 60

 Nashville - via Belgium 4

 Noor - via P. Paternostro 54

 Oaks Pub - via Villa Filipino, 19/21- Tel 347 8270721

 Paprika - via Pipitone Federico 91

 Sperlinga Wines - Piazza Unità d'Italy 13 / a

 Stop De Tijd Club - Square Bordonaro 3 - Tel 091 549598

 Tortuga - via Sampol 458 - Tel 091 361243

 Train de Vie - Via Don Orione 16 - Tel 333 5707772

 Trizza - Arenella