Mild Climate

    Palermo is blessed with a mild, Mediterranean climate. Warmest months are in July and August, when highs are normally in the upper eighties, and lows in the lower seventies. The winter season is warm, and temperatures never drop below freezing. Highs in December and January, the coldest months, average around sixty degrees, with lows in the lower fifties. The wettest months are November, December and January, which average about eight days of rain each month.

Seasonal Festivities

    Throughout the year a number of festivals and religious processions occur in the city. The largest of these is the Festino di Santa Rosalia. The festival has been going on for some four hundred years, and honors the city's patron saint, who is purported to have saved the city from a plague in the beginning of the seventeenth century. It lasts from July 9th to the 15th, and features theatrical shows, concerts, a religious procession, and a fireworks spectacle. Make sure to plan ahead if you are visiting Palermo during this time, as accommodations will be booked well in advance.