Sicily is a traditional island with deep-seated values and ethics. Because of this, you will not find many clubs or discotheques to go out to and party in. Still, there are bars and clubs in certain areas. If you head to a bigger city like Palermo or Catania, you will find some bars and clubs that are open late, but generally these are filled with tourists. Certain areas have different types of scenes however. For instance, in Taormina, there are a number of bars which serve to the type of tourists that visit. It's frequent to find clubs close to the Sicily hotels, some times they are owned by the same hotel. Red Bastoni is a local pub on the piazza that stays open until the last patron leaves. This is one of the best bars to visit in the town, and the service is extraordinary. Just down the road however, there is a McMurphy's Bar, which would cater towards an English/Irish/American tourist demographic. Right near that bar is Wonderbar, a German oriented bar. Even with these options, the most popular one is always buying a couple bottles of wine and sitting out on your balcony. Take in the sunset and relax with some friends, and marvel at the sights. If you do go out drinking, try not to wake up the locals, as the town will usually be silently asleep.