Sicily is a traditional island that has been trying to adapt and accept modern conveniences in recent years. However, you will be hard-pressed to find a subway or monorail system running in Sicily. There are trains that run throughout the island, and in the last few years new bridges and tunnels have been built to make doing Sicily tours easier and quicker throughout the island. Rather than simply having to travel up and down hill after hill, you can now easily cut through mountain ranges. You will only find those luxuries near larger cities, however.

In the cities there will be opportunities to take taxis and buses, but the cities are generally small enough that you can walk around anyway. That is to say, the majority of the things you would want to see are clustered in certain areas that are easily walkable. Certain sections of towns and cities are simply residential, or places you would not want to go for sight-seeing.

You can often take a bus to get from city to city, or small town to small town, and this can usually be acquired for a low cost. If you want, you can also rent a car and travel up and down the countryside on your own. There are usually only one or two roads heading in the same general direction, so it is hard to get lost. However, if you take the wrong road, it will take you a long time to figure out that you are lost because towns can often be very spread out.

 While travel between cities is manageable, public transportation inside cities can be vey unreliable and difficult for foreigners. Essential information about 1) direction, 2) itinerary, 3)  time table of public buses is not readily available, and large delays are frequent.Taxis or rental cars might be preferable if you need to make regular trips inside cities.