The mild climate of the Mediterranean makes Cagliari an idea year-round tourist destination. The seaside resorts are ideal for water sports and other outdoor activities during the warm, but not too hot summers, while the numerous historical sites and other attractions can be still be visited year round.

Summer time is obviously the warmest months, but things are never extremely warm, and average daytime temperatures are typically in the low to mid 80s, making for ideal weather for taking in the sights. From June through September the weather is generally dry with plenty of sunshine.

The spring and fall can be quite mild, but the fall can generally be a bit… and only a bit more wet than other times of the year. The late fall and early winter are the rainy season, but that term is truly relative as Sardinia can get much more sun than many other parts of the Mediterranean.

Even in the winter visiting Cagliari, and exploring all of Sardinia for that matter, isn’t a problem. The weather seldom gets to freezing, although it can dip into the high 30s or 40s at night. But by late winter things warm up quickly and with so much sun you might not notice what time of year it even is, as you’ll be too busy taking in the culture and attractions.