While in Verona you might want to get some exercise. Visiting monuments it is already a good exercise, but if you miss your gym or swimming pool at home you can certainly find a good substitute for it in Verona. I’ll list a couple of places where I generally go when I want to get involved in certain sports.
My favourite swimming pool is Piscine Santini (neighbourhood – Borgo Trento – in via Santini – web site www.piscinesantini.it ) They are open as inside pool in winter and as inside and outside pool in summertime.
You can also go to Verona Lido ( http://www.veronalido.it/ - near San Zeno and Borgo Milano) or to Piscine Monte Bianco (http://www.piscinemontebianco.it/ - in Borgo Venezia). They both have inside and outside pools
Piscine Santini can be easily reached by bus number 24; Verona Lido can be reached by bus number 11 or 12 and Piscine Monte Bianco can be reached by bus number 12. You can check bus timetables while in Verona or from the city bus web site ( http://www.amt.it/linee_orari/index_l... )


There are many gyms in Verona where you might go and where you can buy day passes. The gyms I am going to list are just the places where I generally go. These places also offer aerobic courses, Jacuzzi and sauna.


One Club - via Col. Galliano, 11/d – Verona  tel. 045 8101321

Vis Club – via Curiel, 19 – Verona – tel 045 8104879 – web site http://www.vis-club.it/


People from Verona generally go jogging at what we call the “percorso della salute” or, on Sundays, along our River Adige near Lungadige Attiraglio. The “Percorso della Salute (Health Trail) is in via lega Veronese. When you get to this street that can be reach with bus number 31 (ask the driver to drop you off at the right place – but you can also walk from the centre to San Zeno where this place is located) you’ll see a park that is part of the Parco dei Bastioni. You will see, during the day, people jogging along a trail.