Weather in Verona is very similar to the weather you can find in central Europe with cold winters and hot summers and a huge difference in temperatures between these two seasons. This is the general rule which, of course, have many exceptions. It is, in fact, very hard to predict what kind of weather you are going to find during your stay as weather, especially in summertime is very unpredictable in Verona.
The coldest months of the year are December, January and February when you generally never reach a temperature higher than 15° C during the day and it often goes below 0° C during the night. On the other side it doesn’t generally rain so much during these months. It sometimes snows but it never lasts too long. it is often foggy in winter (in the evening, at night, early morning, sometimes even during the day) and fog is the cause of many problems on roads outside of the city and at the airport. It is easy to find ice on countryside roads in early morning.   So if you are planning to visit Verona between November and February remember to bring an heavy coat, clothes made of wool, wool socks, etc… The beginning of November is generally mild but the end of November is generally as cold as December.
March is not as cold as the other months but it is generally pretty “fresh” and rainy. Bring a coat with you anyway if you are a coming in March. In April and May the weather starts to be nice. It might rain, but temperatures are more agreeable and, especially in May, you might find very warm days. In May you won’t need coats and heavy clothes anymore, but evenings might still be fresh and you’ll need something to warm you up. Italian summer starts in June and ends during the first part of September. As a general rule days are very long and hot with high humidity. In the past the summer weather used to be more stable, but because of the changes in the world weather also Italy is experiencing instability. Summer 2003 was one of the hottest and driest summers ever recorded. In 2004 and 2005 summer was very rainy and fresh with very few hot and dry days. Summer 2010 was pretty rainy, but very hot too.

The end of June and the month of July are generally very hot in Verona with temperatures of 30° C and higher during the day. August is famous for thunderstorms. The strong heat of July generally brings thunderstorm during August, but they rarely last more than one day. It might rain during the night and be nice the following day. Summer in Verona is very unpredictable and I suggest to always bring something warm with you and something to protect you from the rain.
September and October are generally warm and sunny but fall is around the corner and on the second half of September we start wearing long trousers again, especially in the evening.
Spring and Summer are certainly the best times to visit because of the weather and because Verona has much more to offer during this period (Opera Season (only in summertime), Roman Theatre Season, nice days at the lake….). Verona in winter might be nice too, especially during the Christmas holidays, if you like to stay away from the big crowd.