The culture that makes Verona what it is today dates back thousands of years to when the city really began to develop under Roman rule and become urbanized due to its busy port. The culture has for the most part been influenced by Roman rule although it was taken over for brief periods by France and Austria.

The culture of Verona revolves around cafe life. Meeting in the cafes by morning, mid-day, and night is the way to meet up with friends, have some solo time, or lounge back for hours over great conversation. Cuisine is also very important to the culture however and expect to find some stores and boutiques closed during the lunch hour in respect of this. By night, cafes continue to thrive as do bars and listening to live music is popular way to enjoy an evening.

Verona, like many Italian cities, is home to art-lovers. There are many opera options in Verona and the local culture soaks this up and tourists flock to see the incredible performances in the equally incredible venues.