For the regular tourist, Poveglia is a set of two small Islands located off of the coast of Lido in the Venetian Lagoon.  It is uninhabited and was supposedly once used a lazoretto for plague victims.  On its property is an abandoned church and another structure which the locals say was a convalescent home. The buildings are dangerous and condemned.  It is connected to another island, by a single foot bridge, that appears to be owned by the Italian equivalent of BLM is the United States.

If you are a ghost hunter, the island has quite a notorious past.  Ghosts of plague victims haunt the island.  There are people who will tell you that the convalescent home was a cover-up for a mental hospital and the head of that institution went insane and experimented on his patients.  He later threw himself (or was pushed by a ghostly hand) out of the bell tower. The rumor is that no one will take you there out of fear. There are a lot more ghost stories and rumors but you probably know them already if you are reading this article.

For all you ghost-busters or anyone else wanting to make that trek, today is your lucky day. It is easy to visit the island for the experience of going there and photographing it. A company called City Tours can take you around the island, you can email and arrange a visit. It takes about 10 minutes to get there from San Marco Square.  If you are looking for something off the beaten path this is different. Is it haunted? Nobody knows. The biggest question about Poveglia is how to get there. Another Scooby-Doo mystery solved. Hope this helps. 

Poveglia Island