Shopping in Padua is a pastime that many tourists enjoy. There are a huge variety of stores which carry a wide range of products for sale. Due to the fact that Padua is not exclusively a town that relies solely on tourism for its livelihood, the stores here do not focus heavily on small trinkets and souvenirs, but rather on items which the locals would likely purchase. In addition, there are some very expensive items for sale in some of the higher-end stores that tourists may like – such as designer clothing, jewelry and fine pieces of art.

One of the most common and popular shopping venues in Padua which tourist like to frequent are the open air markets. There is a specific market, called the Parto delle Valle which is held once a month. The market consists of hundreds of vendors who sell unique items. Tourists need not worry, however, if they are not in Padua on the day of the month when the market is held because there are smaller versions of the market that take place on Saturdays.

There are other regular open-air markets that are open almost every day of the week (minus Sundays) where locals and tourists can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, miscellaneous food products, and other items.