Easily access Venice, Padova, Vincenza, Treviso, Belluno, Rovigo and Verona with the network of trains. Trenitalia is the primary provider of train service across Italy. Travelers can extend their vacation to almost any city in Italy in addition to Veneto by train. Milan, Chiasso, and even the Italian Riviera are all possible destinations and overnight trips.

Stamp the ticket prior to boarding the trains for a receipt and a valid transfer on longer trips. Tourists can wander most cities in Veneto and Northern Italy almost in their entirety with a walking tour. Almost every major city also offers a shuttle tour to sites of interest and the countryside.

Sometimes staying in a larger Venetian town and then hiking to the outskirts is an effective travel tool, especially within Belluno. Tourists in Venice should be prepared to pay at least 150 Euros for a gondola ride in the canal. These prices are always negotiable. Avoid peak hours of the day such as the sunset and dinnertime.

Trenitalia is also part of the larger Eurail network and can connect travelers to any city in Europe. A Eurail pass offers savings for trips between two weeks and a few months. The Italy Pass entitles visitors to travel anywhere in France and Italy for an unlimited of trips over the course of the pass time span.