Andrea Palladio left magnificent examples of his architectural designs all over Venice and the Veneto.  For anybody interested in architecture a tour of some of them is well worthwhile.  Therer are several good books to provide guides and information.

Andrea  Palladio (1508 - 1580) -

Caroline Constant - The Palladio Guide - Princeton Architectural Press 1993  (There may be a more recent edition, useful guide with location maps for all Palladio's designs in the Veneto, Vicenza and Venice)

Robert Tavernor - Palladio and Palladianism - Thames & Hudson 1994  (General introduction to Palladio, his background and influence on architectural design not only in Venice but in Europe and America)

Tracey E. Cooper - Palladio's Venice - Yale University Press  2005 (Sumptuous book,. well illustrated, describing both the people and buildings associated with Palladio in Venice).

Manfred Wundrum & Thomas Pape -Palladio: The Complete Buildings. Taschen 2008. ( Large format book with excellent photographs by Paolo Marton of all Palladio's buildings plus detailed room plans)