The Piedmont region of Italy offers scenic beauty that can be enjoyed pretty much throughout the entire year thanks to mild weather. Turin offers visitors warm summers, that are never too hot or humid, along with cool but not entirely cold winters. Situated in-land from the seas the weather in Turin can be described as generally pleasant. And thus it is never really a bad time to visit!

July and August are typically the warmest months, with temperatures averaging in the low to mid 80s during the day, but remaining pleasant at night. December and January are typically the colder months and even then it isn’t uncommon to get plenty of sun with the temperature climbing well into the 50s.

There can be periods of much colder weather during the winter but this is uncommon, and it seldom gets below freezing.

All this scenic beauty and greenness of Piedmont does need rain! It can get wet however during the winter months, but generally late summer and early fall through September and October is the rainy season, so plan accordingly if you’re visiting to see the leaves change in color. While late winter can be dry, July still offers the best time to take in the warm days, mostly clear skies and soak in the Italian sun and culture!