" The Rhythms of the Langhe - the pictures, wines, produce and recipes of a noble, generous area of Italy" -  Araba Fenice.  Excellent pictorial guide captures the essence of this land.

  Book cover picture

" Barbera - Aa versatile wine from Piedmont" - Distributed by the Consorzio Barbera d'Asti e Barbera del Monferrato, possibly for free (in perfect English with great background and photos of  the greatest Piemonte wine).  

"Italian Lakes  in your pocket guide" - Michelin travel publications.  Concise and accurate, no need to pay excess baggage on this one either.  ISBN 2-06-652101-9

"Walking in The Alps"  - Kev Reynolds.  Published by the splendid Cicerone Press - Obviously covers a lot more than Piemonte, but given the proximity to so much of the Alpine mountains (Piemonte itself is surrounded by fantastic mountains to the SW, the W, the NW and the N). Great writing and some excellent short and long walks in the region and nearby.