It would take pages and pages to describe the nightlife of Milan.  This city has everything under the sun for those who like to get going just when the sun goes down.  There are martini bars, jazz bars, Irish bars, wine bars, bistros, clubs, discos ….  The night doesn’t ever have to end.

Some of the places most frequented by tourists include:

  • Alcatraz – This is the largest of Milan’s dance clubs where live concerts often occur.
  • Corso Como 10 – This is a combination location hosting several venues from a bookstore to a popular wine bar.
  • Hollywood – This is the most well-known of the popular dance clubs in Milan.  This is the place where the famous people from America and other parts of Europe go to enjoy the VIP treatment.
  • Le Scimmie – This jazz bar is located in the heart of the Navigli district.
  • Loollapalozaa – This is a rowdy, fun bar and dance club popular with a younger adult crowd.
  • Magenta – This club is located right in the center of Milan and begins early in the night as a buffet style restaurant.
  • Roialto – This is a swanky, upscale club known for having a popular happy hour.
  • Rolling Stone – This live music bar is said to be the best venue for small concerns.
  • Volo – This club has an outdoor garden surrounded by beautiful walls from ancient times.

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