Hidden delight on top of the world - or at least, Milan.

It's not unusual to be able to climb up part of a cathedral. You usually get a good view, but you usually can't go very and maybe only look out in one direction.  But in Milan, you can ramble over nearly the whole roof, and you get a great view particularly over the square (Piazza del Duomo) and into the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (MacDonalds at the entrance takes away some of the effect, impressive nonetheless).

It seems that people spend all afternoon enjoying the tranquillity as the bustle of the city goes on below them - there's plenty of space. But you can also marvel at the attention to detail of the masons of 1386, who worked with dedication little thinking that anyone except God would see their efforts so high up. The thousands of statues are particularly impressive.

Practically, you can take a lift (5 euro) or climb the stairs (cheaper), the entrance is on the north side of the cathedral. You still need to climb a couple of flights of steep stairs from the lift. Dress 'appropriately' inside the cathedral and don't take ice-creams in!
The allegedly magnificent facade is still covered in scaffolding at the end of 2005. Try www.hellomilano.it for the latest information.