Visitors will find that walking is the best option to explore the center of Milan.  You can wander from shop to shop and attraction to attraction, stopping at museums and taking necessary breaks at restaurants and cafes, and this will give you the best experience of central Milan. Most of the attractions are within walking distance from parkings located around the city center. You will also find out that many of the most popular touristic venues such as the Corso Vittorio Emanuele or the Via Dante are only accessible to pedestrians, making them great places to stroll around and catch a glimpse of the fashionable citizens of Milan.

Getting around the city by public transportation is easy and absolutely recommended -- look up the section on TripAdvisor:public transport or check very useful giromilano website.

Those travelers who do not wish to make use of public transportation should consider taking taxis whenever they are unable or unwilling to walk, although this can be a somewhat pricey choice.

Bike Sharing: a very convenient option to move around Milan is bike sharing. Milan's bike sharing network is almost ubiquitous in the centre of town and new stations are being added outside of the "cerchia dei navigli", i.e. the very central area of Milan. Since most tourist attractions are within this range, it is a very convenient option for tourists. The first 30 minutes are for free, and since in 30 minutes you can go almost everywhere within the centre, all you will have to pay will be the daily fee of €2.50 or, better, the weekly fee of €6. All information can be found (in different languages) on

Driving around Milan can be quite an adventure, especially in the city center, and is probably best avoided.  If you have never driven in Europe,  you might find the frenetic pace to be quite a challenge to say the least! 

In January 2012, Milan has implemented a London-style 'congestion charge' system, called 'area C'.  All private cars entering the inner city area are subject to paying a 5 euro toll from Monday through Friday, between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm. Information is available in English at

Parking. If you do choose to drive in Milan, you will need to park somewhere. Finding a parking place requires a certain amount of patience. Parking in the city center is a problem, as parking spaces for non-residents are limited and expensive.

The Milan public transport agency (ATM) runs many parking lots in the outskirts next to subway stops (good to use if you come from the highway and plan to stay in Milan for 1 or 2 days). Those are cheap and (relatively) safe - all info at

Furthermore, there are many privately operated parking lots, with hourly rates ranging approx.  from 2.5 to 4 €.  Almost all of them will let you park there for several days (although this won't be cheap). Here is a map: parking in the center (moving into the map, the system will recognize the other parking lots around)

Close to Milan Central station is possible for example to park at Garage 2000 SrL via Achille Zezon 2, that offers a discounted daily rate for those with a train ticket (info). Special tariff 2€/hour or 19€/daily. Or for example parking is also possible at the Hilton hotel (25€ for 24 hours).

In most of central and suburban Milan, curbside parking is available on a 'pay and display' basis -- look for spaces marked by blue lines. Check the hourly rate on the signs on the sidewalk. The hourly rate depends on how far you are from the center.

Some spaces are free on holidays (e.g. Sundays). For example this mark on the parking sign means it's needed to pay from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm parking monday to saturday

Do not use spaces within yellow lines, which are reserved to registered residents.  


The cost of taxi service is determined solely by the meter. Taxis can be e-hailed through apps like Talixo or Uber. In busy places there are also taxi stands, allowing to pick taxis up on the spot. There are also local taxi central numbers available, but most of them aren not English-speaking. Following are the 2012 official taxi fares (white cabs).

Rate for conventional use

The initial cost of the service differs between: daytime weekday (from 6 am to 9 pm) € 3.20; festive day (from 6 am to 9 pm) € 5.20; night (from 9 pm to 6 am) € 6.20.

The parameters are the rate of € 1.06 per km and € 27.76 per hour. These values ​​can vary with the progress of the race, according to a system of progressions that operates automatically during the course of the service. e.g. Upon the meter reaching the amount of €13.97 the rate per km is € 1.59 and € 41.64 per hour. Cruising speed exceeding 50Km/h for more than 60 seconds (This coefficient is automatically invalidated as speed decreases below the limit of 50Km/h): € 1.80 per km.

For taxis that depart from Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio there is a minimum charge of € 12.50.

Rate for collective use

Meters are also planned for collective use of the taxi service.  The fare is activated upon a user's request at the beginning of the ride, for a minimum of three persons from the same departure point, going to different destinations in the same general direction.

Each user only pays the amount shown on the meter, not including highway tolls.

The initial cost of the service differs between: daytime weekday (from 6 am to 9 pm) € 1.28; holiday (from 6 am to 9 pm) € 2.08; nighttime (from 9 pm to 6 am) € 2.48.

The parameters are the rate of € 0.41 per km and € 10.74 per hour. 

For taxis leaving from Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio there is a minimum charge of € 5.00.

Fixed rates

Taxis licensed to operate at the airports in Lombardy must apply fixed rates on certain routes - regardless of the amount that may indicate the meter - inclusive of all costs, tolls, and charges). In this case, however, the driver will choose the most appropriate route to reach your destination.  If the passenger requests a route change or a stop enroute, the taxi driver is authorized to charge the fare displayed on the meter.

Malpensa Airport – Milan (anywhere within city limits) or vice versa: 90€

Malpensa Airport – Rho Fiera Milano fairgrounds or vice versa: 65€

Malpensa Airport – Linate Airport o vice versa: 105€

Linate Airport –  Rho Fiera Milano fairgrounds  or vice versa: 55€

Malpensa Airport – Varese  (anywhere within city limits) or vice versa: 65€ 


Each user only pays the amount shown on the meter, excluding motorway tolls. 

During the ride the passenger may ask the driver to stop and wait up to an hour maximum.  In this case, in addition to any amount shown on meter, the user must pay a € 26.86 deposit (the sum corresponding to the rate set for a 1-hour stop).

In case of disputes, the passenger must obtain a receipt by the driver with the following indications: number of the taxi; date and time of the race; distance traveled; amount paid. The passenger must then contact the Milan City Hall's Servizio Autopubbliche at Via Messina 53, 20154 Milano, telephone 0288465292 or 0288465294; fax 0288465293; e-mail: and