Travel to Milan is relatively safe for visitors coming from all over the world.  There are no major terrorist threats in the area and visitors of all nationalities should feel equally safe when visiting this diverse city.  In comparison with many other parts of the world, Milan is relatively crime-free.  However, it is always recommended that tourists take precautions when traveling to a foreign country and this is as true of Milan as it is of anywhere else.

Be careful when walking in front of the main Duomo in Milan. This is where a lot of crimes happen. Locals will come up to you with braceletes and start putting them on you but one of their friends is behind you pick pocketing you. There is a lot of trciks the try to play act like they found your ring and they want a reward for it. There is also people who paint on your arms and then if you do not pay them they smear it and it is permenate ink.The best thing to do while you are there is do not look like a tourist or yell no and keep walking. This is the best way to make sure that you are safe from any type of trouble. But it is a great place to visit. It is a safe place overall. 

The main crime likely to affect tourists in Milan is petty theft.  This occurs primarily in the form of pick pocketing, although it occasionally includes purse snatching and even theft from rental cars.  Tourists should not be overly concerned about this problem but should be aware that it is a possibility.  Keeping an eye on all belongings, locking rental cars when they are parked, and remaining alert in crowded areas are the best methods of avoiding any problems.  Visitors who do become victims of petty theft should contact the local police and report the problem.

The streets of Milan stay busy at night, and it is relatively safe for visitors to be out and about.  The busses and trams run all night long, so there are almost always other people around.  (More information about public transportation in Milan is at .)  However, common sense should always be used regarding walking in unlit areas at night.  Visitors who find themselves walking alone at night might want to consider hiring a taxi.