Milan is a romantic city in a romantic country with a rich history and anyone wandering around the streets of Milan is likely to feel a sense of that romance.  However, there are some neighborhoods where the feeling of romance is stronger than in others.  Travelers who are enjoying Milan with their romantic partners (and especially travelers who are on a honeymoon in Milan) as well as those travelers who simply want to experience the romance of the area, should make it a point to visit the Navigli.

The Navigli is part of historic Milan.  In the ancient days of early Milan, the entire city was linked with canals, similar to Venice.  Today, most of the canals are gone, but the Navigli remains a canal-based neighborhood.  There are two major canals in the neighborhood: Naviglio Pavese and Naviglio Grande.  There is also a smaller canal: Darsena.

As if just being navigable by canal didn’t make the Navigli romantic enough, the area is rich with a bohemian flavor which draws in artists and creative types and which adds to the romance of the neighborhood.  Visitors can spend the day here shopping and browsing art galleries and they can stay in to the night, enjoying the restaurants, bars and clubs which line the canals.  The official website of the area is

Another very nice neighborhood is Brera.