Known for its breathtaking scenery, Lake Maggiore's mountains, waters, and skies create a haven for active travelers.  One of the most popular sports there is skiing, with people from all over Europe flocking to the area each winter to get themselves a spot one of it's pristine slopes.  The skiing in Lake Maggiore is so good, in fact, that several events from the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics were held there.  Along with skiing, snowboarding is also quickly becoming a major winter sport in the region. 

If you're one to stay out of the cold, Lake Maggiore also offers several warm-weather activities.  The waters of the Lake make a perfect place for water skiing, sailing, swimming, and windsurfing.  Many of the resorts on the Lake offer these activities to guests during the summer months.  Also quickly gaining popularity on the Lake is scuba diving, with organized excursions taking place more and more commonly.

Out of the water, mountain biking and hiking are popular pastimes.  Golf is also widely available as is horseback riding and cycling.  For the even more adventurous, hang gliding and para sailing are available from local tour companies.  For more information on Lake Maggiore's sports, visit the Tourist Board's website or ask at your hotel.