Sirmione of Lombary, Italy has seen a few different rulings in its history. The Lombard Kingdom of course, ruled this area of Italy for many years, but Sirmione was also under Venetian rule for a long period as well; above all the influence is the Roman empire. All of these elements make up the architectural style of Sirmione. The present day city has a lot of modern elements as well as it has grown with the tourist population because of the world-class Sermione Spa.

The most famous landmark and architectural place of interest to see in Sirmione is the Sirmione Castle, also called the Rocca Scalgera. The castle was built by a rich family from Verona to show off their wealth. The castle is said to be one of the best, if not possibly, the best preserved castle in all of Italy and that even being when it was built in the year 1250. Its ideal location on a peninsula and thus, surrounded by water has offered the castle the protection that it has needed over the years. The castle is the epitome of what one envisions with the word.

Aside from the castle, the cathedrals, the charming walkways of the city, visitors will want to see Catullus' Cave which is a crumbling complex built by a poet named Catullus. The "cave" even had its own hot springs, probably the reason it became too expensive to upkeep and eventually the poet had to move out for lack of funds. There is a  small museum at the cave entrance.