Getting around the area of Lake Como is actually fairly easy. The best bet might be to skip the roads and use the lake instead! There are several steamers, boats and ferries run on the lake and connect the resorts of Lenno, Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo and Bellagio among others. This offers a reasonable form of public transportation for the locals, plus offers an excellent way to sightseeing the area from the lake. There is also a public bus system that circles the lake and can bring you to your various destinations. Check with your hotel for advice on using the buses, as some don’t run all the day and returns can be tricky.

Taxicabs area also available at most of the major destinations and your hotel can also likely arrange for a guide. Just be sure that your driver is licensed and has the proper insurance. At the train stations it is common to find “semi-official” cars for hire, but it is a safer bet to head to the cab line instead.

The other alternative is to rent a car. Driving on the mountain roads and highways is generally not a problem. The roads are kept in good condition and the views can be incredible. It is highly recommended to book a vehicle online before arrival. There are lots of companies offering good deals, some of them are: Maggiore, AutoEurop, Decode Car Hire and others.

To rent a car in Italy you do need to have an international driver’s license, but this can easily be purchased once you arrive in the country. The minimum age for rental cars is 21, but for some luxury cars there may be a 25-year old age requirement.