Blessed is the first time visitor. You'll leave wanting to come back. Bellagio is a great place to stay, heaving in the day time but quietens down at night.

If you're self catering, the little grocers are good but don't offer a wide choice for day-after-day cooking. There are two supermarkets just outside the town center on Via Volta, or go for a day trip to Como to see the beautiful cathedral and shop in the Billa which is in the basement of the COIN department store.

Don't pay for a boat taxi. The public ferry offers a beautiful view of the lake. Must do's from Bellagio include Villa Carlotta, Varenna, where there is a beautiful grotto-like walk into town from the boat, and also many lovely gardens.

 A favourite spot on return is the terrace of the Hotel du Lac, opposite the ferry terminus. Here you can eat or drink at any time of day.