When it comes to information about Lake Como online, there is a lot available, but comes from a wide variety of sources.  

            A good place to begin some preliminary research is from a number of local websites such as Lake Como Pages, this site will provide you with all the current news and events around the lake.  It also contains a huge amount of lake related information as well as local resources.  Discover Lake Como  and  Italian Lakes – Lake Como Website  information tends to be short and more property related , although the former has an interactive map and a general overview of the area.  There is also a link providing Pictures of the Lake .  The Lake has a very specific number of activties and these are well represented on the sites: Outdoors, historic, scenic and affairs of the stomach!

            Another place to find an informative overview of the lake, including a few interesting facts about the area, is on the Italy Tours Website.  This information can be found in the Lake District link under Lake Como .  Offered here is also the option to book tours.

            Climate and weather can often play a major role in deciding when to plan a trip to a certain area.  The Como Guide is a great site providing information about this matter.  This site also talks about the flora of the area, explaining when the best times of year to visit are, based on blooming times of certain plants and flowers.

            There are no foreign embassies located in the Lake Como area, but most nations have one somewhere within Italy.  For a complete list including contact information and locations, visit Foreign Embassies in Italy .