Headed to the Lombardy region of Italy and looking for a festival fix? You won’t be disappointed. Here is a sampling.

If you visit Milan in the summer, June in particular, you’ll enjoy the Festa del Naviglio, which is held the first 10 days of the month. During this celebratory period, you can enjoy nightly concerts, torchlight processions and fairs. This event will give you a true taste of Italy, with its artists displaying their wares, street performers and wonderful food.

The religious will find worth in September’s Festa della Nivola, which as its highlight features the Archbishop of Milan ascending to the top of the city’s Duomo, where he retrieves a nail from Christ’s crucifix and brings it back down to the crowd, where it’s shown.

Like many European towns, Milan hosts a Christmas market each year, which features handcrafted items, beautify displays of Christmas decorations and wonderful, seasonal foods to eat.

In the Mantova Province of Lombardy, in the small town of Villimpenta, you can enjoy a rice festival. This festival, held the first week of June, celebrates Italy’s famous “rice route” where rice was grown and exported from. Many towns in the Mantova province have rice festivals each year. They highlight Italian rice dishes, including the famous risotto.

Also in Lombardy’s countryside is the Frog Festival. This is something a little exotic, but features delicacies made with frog, including stewed frog, browned frog, rice with frog liver and polenta with frog. This event is held in a small outdoor garden in the town of Sartirana Lomellina in the province of Pavia. It’s held around the first Sunday of each September.