Forget biking and hiking in the Lakes Region of Lombardy. For many people, shopping here is its own kind of sport. Certainly everyone knows about the great shopping in Milan, but what about the other areas of Lombardy? Let’s take a look.

In Bergamo, you can visit the largest shopping center in Italy. It’s called Oriocenter and it’s located right near the Bergamo airport. Here, you can buy just about everything, including jewelry, foodstuffs, clothes and great Italian leather goods. Souvenirs are hard to find in Bergamo, but you can find a few in the airport.

If you’re going to be in Bellagio, head for any of the stores in the central district. There is a great deal of high-end shopping to be found here, so you’re in luck if you want expensive fashions and leather goods. You can also get excellent wine here.

If your trip to the Lombardy region leads you to Pavia, head for the Strada Nuova area, which is the main shopping and pedestrian area of town. You can purchase a large variety of women’s clothes as well as other items, but beware: this area is not the faint of checkbook. It’s expensive, but some say, worth it.