Travelers will find that there really is not any reason to want to leave Portofino itself.  The land is beautiful, the weather is bearable, if not comfortable, and the people are friendly.  However, those travelers who have a bit of the restless explorer in them may decide to get out and about and see what else is offered by the area surrounding Portofino.  These travelers will not be disappointed.  Some of the top day trip choices in the area include:

  • Genoa, located further northwest of San Fruttuoso (see below) is a city which many Portofino travelers take the time to go see.  There are a number of famous museums in the area as well as a wealth of historic sites.  But travelers may have just as good a time just wandering around the ancient streets and people watching as they would in the more famous tourist attractions.  More information is available at .  
  • San Fruttuoso which is a small fishing village located northwest of Portofino.  This village offers a peaceful location for visitors to enjoy, weather lounging on the beaches, taking a boat trip from the area or checking out the famous churches located there.
  • Santa Margherita is a nearby resort town which is enjoyed as a daytime getaway by many Portofino travelers.  This area is more tourist-oriented than Portofino but also has excellent opportunities for exploring the history of the location.