Travelers who are accompanied by someone with a penchant for buying everything from cutesy knick knacks to high end fashion will want to make sure that they keep the credit cards at home during a Portofino vacation.  This is because there is an endless supply of excellent shopping in the small city, and it is easy to get lost in the stores there, not only because they are fun to shop in but also because they are primarily located on the beautiful waterfront.  (For a picture of the major shopping district and information about the stores located there, visit .)

Travelers will not find any shortage of items to buy all throughout Portofino.   For those travelers who wish to buy items local to the area, there are a few things to keep an eye out for.   Wine is at the top of the list, with purchases best made at local vineyards.   Travelers who enjoy making their own clothing will find that Italian lace is readily available in Portofino although hard to find elsewhere.   Travelers who do not make their own clothing but who love fashion will find that many of the latest trends coming out of major Italian fashion capitals are slightly discounted in some of the local stores of Portofino.